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SPA programs

Each SPA program is a precious pearl in the Royal Thai salon’s collection. All of them are performed in accordance with the ancient traditions of Thailand, and are intended to infuse the body with blissfulness while filling the soul with a sense of harmony and tranquility. Once reserved for the enjoyment of kings, our SPA programs continue to maintain the highest standards: they feature the use of the best aromatic oils, natural creams, and the rituals are only performed by highly-qualified specialists who have graduated from a special school.

"SPA for the face"

We are pleased to offer you a pleasant, relaxing and very useful SPA programs for the face, so that all the needs of your skin are satisfied. You can take a wellness course of 5-10 procedures, or you can add any of them to the oil massage. After the SPA-procedure for the face, the blood circulation will improve, the skin will become elastic and radiant, the skin tone will noticeably increase. The aromas of Thai cosmetics and pleasant relaxing music will refresh your thoughts and awaken your senses. The procedure lasts 1 hour, during which many pleasant moments await you.
3 150 ₽

SPA program "Paints of Thailand"

Paint everyday life with bright and rich colors of Thailand! SPA program “Paints of Thailand” includes an unforgettable milk bath, gentle peeling, nourishing mask and luxurious aroma oil massage.
6 300 ₽

SPA for the face "Shining Gold"

SPA program that will allow you to look like a king! It includes the sequential cleansing of the skin with lotion, peeling with the thinnest gold scrub and applying a mask with biogold, which has a smoothing effect and promotes skin regeneration. Massage mimic muscles tighten the contours of the face, and the golden serum will provide a quick lifting, alignment of color and elimination of pigment spots. Completing the SPA program for the face is applying Golden Collagen cream, which protects the skin and gives it a radiant look. During the program, you will also find a “gold standard” to relieve fatigue: a relaxing Thai head massage.
3 150 ₽

SPA program "Casablanca"

Fantastic SPA-program for the body based on Argan's healing oil includes: Dry herbal body scrub with lemongrass aroma that exfoliates dead skin cells, nourishes macro- and microelements, improves circulation, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Massage with argan oil in a striking way affects the blood circulation and elasticity of the skin, softening and moisturizing, protecting it from drying out and peeling. Argan oil is also known for its healing properties, it speeds up the process of natural skin regeneration, preventing irritation and inflammation. <br />
To enhance the effect of traditional Thai massage, we recommend to visit the mini-sauna & quot; CEDAR DRUM & quot;
6 000 ₽

SPA program "BE FRESH", Thai aromatic oil massage with a scrub to choose from

Feel the freshness, vigor and a surge of strength! For you - a brief SPA program with oil massage, which will relax, restore energy and care for the skin of the whole body.
5 150 ₽

SPA program "Chocolate Bliss"

Thai aroma massage with natural cream "Chocolate" takes you into the world of real bliss! The massage therapist will work each muscle of the body with soft, sliding movements, relieving tension. You will feel how your body relaxes and fills with bliss, and your thoughts become light and bright.
4 100 ₽

"Buddha Energy", a program for men

The power of the Buddha is in bliss and inner peace. Recharge light and positive energy on the SPA program to relax, calm and restore vitality. For you - a complex of SPA procedures that can awaken the Buddha in you.
If you are tired after a hard day at work or just want to relax, completely disconnecting from the bustle of the metropolis - this program is for you!
6 300 ₽

SPA program "Real Thailand"

A delightful spa program based on the true value of Thailand’s natural golden turmeric. Includes: gentle body aromatherapy with massage, body wrap, warm milk bath, relaxing massage, body mask and facial spa.
Golden turmeric - a source of vitamins and trace elements that are necessary to maintain the beauty and flowering appearance! A real jewel for your skin! Experience all the benefits of a healing plant at the luxurious SPA program “Real Thailand”.
7 450 ₽

SPA program "Wedding Day"

A delightful spa program especially for brides. The procedure begins with a milk bath for the feet, after which the master performs a body massage using a scrub. Next is a relaxing massage using aromatic oil. The master will knead the whole body from the tips of the toes to the ears, using the technique of soaking and pressing. The program will complete the massage of the legs, hands and head. This procedure relieves stress before an important event, makes the skin smooth and silky, and massage will help to relax.
SPA program Wedding Day is a great gift idea for a bachelorette party and the best rest for the bride before the wedding!
8 100 ₽

SPA program "Luxury Siam"

A truly luxurious SPA program for the face and body! Allow yourself royal relaxation in the sheen of natural gold. For you - a complex of SPA procedures with cosmetics containing the smallest gold particles.
7 900 ₽

"Day of SPA"

The longest and perhaps the most beautiful SPA program for those who wish to be our guest as long as possible. The main component of this program is Delightful Melting Honey. Honey mask fills bliss every cell of the body and gives unforgettable moments of serenity.
13 600 ₽

SPA program "Bali dessert"

This program will give you a true paradise of pleasure: you will feel the real aroma-magic of ripe mango as soon as the master starts oil massage, which will help you to temporarily turn off your thoughts. After that, the stage of cleansing will begin with a soft cream scrub all with the same fruit note, and after a shower a wrap with a delicate cream based on natural yogurt, and while your skin gets much needed nutrition, the master will take care of your face. Cleansing foam, applying a nourishing mask and completes the massage care.

You will get a feeling of lightness, complete relaxation and spiritual harmony after visiting this spa program.
6 300 ₽

Balinese relaxing hot stone massage

It is believed that all four elements are enclosed in volcanic stones: water, air, fire and earth. Stone massage is an amazing procedure that gives the body a charge of powerful energy. The soft heat of ancient stones and the skill of Balinese masters help to solve many problems. The procedure relieves chronic pain in the back and neck, relieves the body of toxins and toxins, treats insomnia and headaches. In addition, like all the art of Balinese massage, ritual helps to rejuvenate the body. Stone Massage is an excellent tool for well-being for a long time.

* Only in salons:
ROYAL THAI Bali (Hammam)
ROYAL THAI Butlerova
ROYAL THAI Commandant
And also when passing the program together in ROYAL THAI for TWO
5 150 ₽

Ceremony "Chocolate Bliss for Two"

The gentle and light texture of the cream allows the skin to quickly absorb the beneficial substances of natural chocolate, penetrating into the deep layers, additionally moisturizes and restores the skin. This procedure is one of the most useful and pleasant for the body and skin. Chocolate is a source of essential nutrients and antioxidants, as well as polyphenolic components that help protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals.
9 850 ₽

Double-Fresh for Two Ceremony

A refreshing holiday is the best that you can give to each other in the merciless rhythm of the metropolis. You will find a romantic holiday and a luxurious oil massage for two.
The ceremony will begin with the washing of the feet, which will immediately take you to rest. Then relax in the jacuzzi or cedar barrel filled with the healing elixir of herbs. A delightful climax will be a full-body cleansing with a scrub with a bright and rich aroma of exotic fruits and a relaxing massage using natural oil. It is performed with soothing circular movements, relieves tension from each muscle, restores vitality and fills you with joy, which you will surely share with each other after the ceremony over a cup of tea.

* Only ROYAL THAI for two
11 950 ₽

Balinese Bali SPA Balancing Program

The ideal program for those who like to combine the benefits and pleasure. The procedure will help to bring the body into shape, correct the problem areas and tighten the contours. After the massage with natural oils, an algae-based scrub and wrap follow. Such an integrated approach helps to normalize the body's metabolic processes and preserve the effect of the procedure for a long time. 100% natural care cosmetics have a beneficial effect on the skin. Smooth, toned body that delights - a guaranteed effect of the Balinese corrective program.
* Only in salons:
ROYAL THAI Bali (Hammam)
5 200 ₽
6 250 ₽

The ceremony "Samui's Jewel for Two"

Transfer from the city to a secluded island filled with birdsong and the scent of exotic flowers and fruits. You will find a luxurious Thai-style vacation, oil massage and luxurious body care.
The ceremony will begin with a milk washing of the feet, then water procedures: light soaring in a fitobochka or a romantic rest in the jacuzzi. After - natural body scrub with invigorating scent of lemongrass and oil massage with aromatic oils.
Thai oil massage is distinguished by the depth of muscle work, the impact force and the relaxing effect. It gives lightness throughout the body and extraordinary sensual pleasure. A light foot massage for a man and a head massage for a girl will complete the ceremony, and after that you can relax with a cup of hot tea.

* Only ROYAL THAI for two
15 100 ₽

"Flavors of Siam" Ceremony for Two

Leave all business and cares and enjoy every minute spent together! A luxurious Thai ceremony awaits you in the clouds of exotic flavors, full body treatment and a delicious oil massage with a scent of your choice.
Traditionally, at the beginning of the ceremony - washing the feet in a milk bath, gently warming up in a phyto-barrel or relaxing in a refreshing jacuzzi. Next - cleansing the body with a natural scrub with the scent of tropical flowers and fruits and a nourishing mask for the whole body. And then - a simultaneous massage using aroma oil or coconut milk. Massage affects muscles and deep tissues, relaxes every cell of the body, relieves tension and fatigue, gives peace and adjusts to the romantic wave. The ceremony ends with a pleasant rest with a cup of tea.

* Only ROYAL THAI for two
15 750 ₽