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Royal Thai

Oil massage

Oil massage has a restorative and calming action, helps to relieve stress. The “oil saturation” technique stimulates blood circulation and restores the skin’s natural elasticity. The procedure also helps boost immunity.

“Thai dreams,” Thai oil-massage

Oil massage with a restorative and calming effect, relieves tension. The “oil saturation” technique stimulates blood circulation and restores the skin’s natural elasticity. The procedure helps boost immunity.
To intensify the effect of a traditional Thai massage, we recommend visiting the “CEDAR BARREL” mini-sauna before the procedure.
6 300 ₽
4 850 ₽
3 250 ₽

"Imperial oil massage,” performed by two therapists

Oil massage performed by two therapists. The aim of the massage is to bring the body into a state of physical and mental balance, boost the inflow of vital energy, and improve the body’s overall tone. It is also recommended for those with a sedentary and low-activity lifestyle to improve functional performance and mental speed, in cases of chronic fatigue and bouts of stress.
10 500 ₽

“Stone massage,” relaxing massage with hot stones

Relaxing massage with hot stones, which acts on all levels of the body: physical and emotional, stimulates the immune system, improves microcirculation, boots metabolism, eliminates blockages, harmonizes the positive inflow of energy. Encourages the deep relaxation of the entire body. The massage is performed with stones of volcanic rock.
*Available at all chain salons except for the Royal Thai on Kolomyazhsky Prospekt
5 150 ₽

“Thai legend,” Thai oil-massage with herbal balls

The unique balls, filled with Thai herbs (mountain ginger, turmeric, Kafir lime, cryptolepsis buchanani, aromatic curcuma, patchouli, camphor), combined with the traditional Thai and oil massage, create a truly-unforgettable effect!
6 600 ₽
5 150 ₽

The ceremony "Thai dreams for two"

The sweetest dreams will become reality at a beautiful Thai ceremony for two! You are waited by romantic rest and magic oil massage.
The ceremony will begin with the hospitable tradition of washing the feet in a milk bath. Then you will spend unforgettable minutes in a cedar barrel filled with the fragrant aroma of herbs, or in a bubbling hot tub. And then you will enjoy a simultaneous Thai massage using aromatic oil. A special massage technique impregnates the skin with oil, making it soft, smooth and beautiful. Stroking, but at the same time, active massage movements will work out every muscle, relieve tension, calm thoughts, give pleasure and arouse tender feelings that will be so pleasant to share with a cup of tea after the ceremony!

* Only ROYAL THAI for two
8 200 ₽
12 400 ₽
10 300 ₽

Ceremony of traditional Moroccan massage for two

Immerse yourself in the passionate rhythms of Morocco! A unique ceremony for two is waiting for you with a traditional Moroccan massage for the “gold of Morocco” - the rarest precious argan oil.
Your rest will begin with milk washing of the feet with a light massage. Then relax in a cedar barrel with a healing elixir of herbs or in a chic jacuzzi. And the key stage is a Moroccan full body massage with argan oil, which restores and nourishes the skin, making it smooth and beautiful. Massage is performed from the bottom up, from the tips of the feet to the head, along the lymphatic channels. It eliminates body congestion, relieves tension, brings invaluable health benefits and gives sensual pleasure. At the end of the ceremony you will rest in a pleasant atmosphere of the salon with a cup of fragrant tea.

* Only ROYAL THAI for two
12 600 ₽

Ceremony "Fantastic Morocco for two"

Enjoy a magical mini-journey to Morocco, the main goal of which is a Moroccan massage for two with argan oil.
To begin, you will find a beautiful gesture of hospitality - a gentle washing of the feet in the milk bath. Then - phyto-barrel with healing herbal steam or relax in a bubbling Jacuzzi. And the main event of your holiday is a Moroccan massage performed by the master in accordance with ancient traditions: from the bottom up, with special presses and rubbing, using argan oil with healing oil. Massage relieves stress, removes excess water from the body and gives lightness throughout the body. The ceremony will complete a light head massage, which will return a smile and harmony with yourself. Finally, you can enjoy a relaxing cup of hot tea.

* Only ROYAL THAI for two
14 700 ₽

Balinese massage "Perfect Harmony"

Massage of four zones: head + ears, neck and collar zone and traditional foot massage
* Only in salons:
ROYAL THAI Bali (Hammam)
ROYAL THAI Butlerova
ROYAL THAI Commandant
And also when passing the program together in ROYAL THAI for TWO
2 650 ₽