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Certificates with a choice of programs

Time is the most valuable thing a person has. And the more our life is filled with bright, heartfelt and joyous moments, the happier, more positive and better we feel. Picking out a gift for your loved one? Give them minutes of delight, bliss and pleasure!
At the Royal Thai salon, we’ve curated a collection of luxurious SPA programs and massages that will let the ones you love most spend time to the betterment of their health while revealing in elegant Thai rituals for the body and soul. That said, you don’t have to rack your brains over the choice: just purchase a gift certificate to the SPA salon for the appropriate amount, and the recipient can choose from our list the SPA program they like best. It’s a gift to make without hesitation: all material things fade over time, but happy, joyous moments live on in the soul forever!