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Argan-oil programs

ROYAL THAI specialists are happy to offer you a range of procedures based on the healing properties of Argan oil. When combined with massage, the balanced composition of the microelements contained in Argan oil penetrates deeply into the skin cover to the blood vessels, which not only encourages its rejuvenation, nourishment and hydration, but also acts on the body from the inside out to boost immunity and improve overall tone.

Oil massage with Argan oil

Since ancient times, argan oil has been used as a moisturizing, rejuvenating and regenerating agent for the skin. Due to its healing regenerating properties, it has won the hearts of women around the world. Oil massage with argan oil is the best choice for those who want to relax, relieve fatigue and feel a surge of strength and vitality.
5 450 ₽
3 800 ₽
6 500 ₽

«Traditional Moroccan full-body massage» with healing Argan oil

The massage is aimed at the deep treatment of the body’s lymphatic and circulatory system, which provides a detoxifying effect. Thanks to the massage’s special Eastern technique, combined with the healing properties of Argan oil, the massage relieves headache, calms the nervous system, improves sleep and restores the skin cover, actively nourishing and moisturizing the skin.
The therapist works the entire body: from head to toe, including the face, the hands, the soles, the neck and the décolleté.
Thanks to its high content of vitamins А, Е, С and F, Argan oil improves the overall condition of the skin, increases its elasticity, smooths fine lines, helps reduce stretch marks and restores the skin after tanning.
*Only at:
- the Royal Thai Hammam on Nevsky
- the Royal Thai Warsaw
- Royal Thai Furshtatskaya
- Royal Thai Песочная
- Royal Thai Комендантский
- Royal Thai г.Пушкин
5 450 ₽

"Stone Massage", hot stone massage based on argan oil massage

It relaxes, stimulates the immune system, improves metabolism, harmonizes the positive flow of energy. Stones of volcanic rocks contain micro- and macronutrients, magnesium, iron. Since ancient times, argan oil has been used as a moisturizing, rejuvenating and regenerating agent for the skin.
5 650 ₽

"Thai legend", a traditional Thai massage with argan oil and herbal bags

The warming out heat of the bags filled with Thai herbs, in combination with massage, gives a powerful effect on harmonizing the vital energy of Chi. Your skin regenerates and softens.
5 650 ₽

SPA program "Casablanca"

Fantastic SPA-program for the body based on Argan's healing oil includes: Dry herbal body scrub with lemongrass aroma that exfoliates dead skin cells, nourishes macro- and microelements, improves blood circulation, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Massage with argan oil in a striking way affects the blood circulation and elasticity of the skin, softening and moisturizing, protecting it from drying out and peeling. Argan oil is also known for its healing properties, it speeds up the process of natural skin regeneration, preventing irritation and inflammation.
6 000 ₽

Ceremony "Thai dreams for two" with argan oil

Dreaming about a perfect date? Traditional Thai ceremony will make your dreams come true! Luxurious spa rituals for body and soul and a magnificent massage with healing argan oil are waiting for you.
The first stage of the ceremony is the washing of the feet in the milk bath, and then the relaxed rest in the herbal steam phyto-barrel or in the romantic jacuzzi. The second stage - Thai oil massage with argan oil, which rejuvenates and heals the skin. The special impregnating massage technique nourishes the skin with nutrients, making it smooth and beautiful. Circular massage movements relax muscles, give a deep peace and pleasure. And at the end of the ceremony you can relax over a cup of delicious and aromatic tea.

* Only ROYAL THAI for two
9 250 ₽
14 700 ₽
12 600 ₽

Balinese face massage with argan oil

Thanks to the Balinese lifting massage, the oval of the face is leveled, the local blood circulation is normalized, mimic and gravitational wrinkles are reduced.
* Only in salons:
ROYAL THAI Bali (Hammam)
ROYAL THAI Butlerova
ROYAL THAI Commandant
1 600 ₽