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Royal Thai


Does the salon serve people in a state of alcoholic intoxication?

We refuse service to people in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or other form of intoxication.

Can I bring my pets to the salon?

We kindly request that patrons not visit our salon with their pets.

How far in advance of my massage should I arrive at the salon?

We recommend arriving at the salon approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of your scheduled appointment. That will give you plenty of time to leisurely remove your outer garments, slip into our comfy soft slippers, choose your preferred oils and scrubs (where the procedure requires), catch your breath and achieve a mindset of tranquility and harmony. Since our specialists are highly sought-after, the exact time needed for your chosen procedure will have been scheduled. Please come on time so as to avoid a possible reduction in the duration of your massage.

Is it permitted to use mobile phones at Royal Thai salons?

The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited at our salons! In order to fully relax during the massage and ensure that our other guests are not disturbed — switch your mobile phone to vibrate! Know that you have the right to be both quiet and talkative. In establishments like ours, however, it’s encouraged to observe silence, restricting conversation to a hushed voice.

Do I need to bring anything with me when visiting a Royal Thai salon?

You don’t have to bring anything along to the procedure – everything needed will be provided by our associates.

Should I leave the therapist a tip?

Tips for the therapist are left entirely to your discretion. If you want to give your therapist an extra “thank you”, you can do so directly or by leaving the money on the tray next to the teapot after enjoying your tea.

What if I want to get recommendations after the procedure?

Since not all of our specialists speak Russian, if you want to receive recommendations or relay some information to the therapist, please do so through the salon’s administrator.

Can I bring small children with me?

If you bring a small child with you, be sure to keep him supervised – otherwise, it could be dangerous for the child and cause a disturbance for the SPA’s other guests.

Whom should I contact if I experience any discomfort during the procedure?

If you experience any discomfort during your procedure, communicate it to your therapist or the salon’s administrator.