SPA treatments

SPA treatments are aimed at body wellness and relaxation!

The first step is purifying the skin

Any SPA treatment includes 45 minutes of soft massage using aromatic oils and different body scrubs (cream-, sugar- or salt-based). Oil and scrub are spread smoothly all over the body, the amount is enough to purify the skin and remove body waste, while not damaging the skin. More intensive massage is performed on feet, fingers and toes, joints and lymph glands.

The treatment normalizes skin functioning, removing roughened skin cells. A special mix is applied on the skin with soft circular moves. The scrubbing exfoliates dead cells, deeply cleans and smoothes the skin.  After the treatment the skin is fresh, soft and delicate. Its tone and elasticity are highly improved.

The second step is the relaxing part

You will spend about 10 minutes in a warm milky bath, surrounding your body with a tender scent. This part continues purifying the skin, brings the relaxation and removes the fatigue. The milky bath helps you get rid of the tension, improves blood circulation, while a specially selected essential oil combination calms the nervous system.

The third step is a body wrap

You will spend 15 minutes wrapped in a disposable sheet for further skin purification. Meanwhile, your Thai therapist will perform head, ears and face massage with acupressure elements focusing on mimic wrinkles. A thick layer of body mask is spread all over your body and after that you are wrapped in a sheet; this lets all the healthful substances penetrate the skin, the toxins to come out and the vitamins and microelements shortage to be replenished. As a result, you get soft and deeply moisturized skin.

The fourth step is the massage itself

About 40 minutes is left to aroma-massage with a moisturizing lotion, focusing on body energy zones and using reflexology techniques. Its aim is to nourish the skin after purification. The relaxing aroma-massage always comes at the end of any Spa-treatment.


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