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"Imperial oil massage,” performed by two therapists

Oil massage performed by two therapists. The aim of the massage is to bring the body into a state of physical and mental balance, boost the inflow of vital energy, and improve the body’s overall tone. It is also recommended for those with a sedentary and low-activity lifestyle to improve functional performance and mental speed, in cases of chronic fatigue and bouts of stress.

При покупке 2-х и более сертификатов на сумму от 15 000 руб. Вы получаете возможность выгодной покупки:

от 15 000 руб. -15%   от 40 000 руб. - 25%

от 30 000 руб. - 20%   от 65 000 руб. - 30%
10 000 ₽

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