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Royal Thai

Gift certificates with a choice of programs

Gift Certificate "Journey to ROYAL THAI"

A gift certificate is the best way to take care of a loved one and make a pleasant surprise. The high quality standards of our spas will leave the warmest impressions.
6 300 ₽

Gift certificate "Flower of the East"

"Flower of the East" - a gift certificate that is ideal for those who prefer toning programs based on the special technique of Traditional Thai massage. In the certificate, you can choose one of the programs that will bring back vitality, give flexibility and lightness throughout the body.
2 800 ₽

Gift certificate "Thai traditions"

"Thai Traditions" - perfect for those who doubt the choice between the two main techniques of Thai massage: 1) Toning technique of Traditional Thai massage with twisting and stretching and 2) Deeply relaxing Thai oil massage technique. Thanks to the list of programs presented in the certificate, the certificate holder will be able to choose a program that is ideally suited for him.
3 200 ₽

Gift certificate "Charm of Thailand"

The gift certificate "Charm of Thailand" is a unique and unforgettable gift that can make an impression on the most demanding person. Each program will allow you to feel the fullness of the colors of this Thai massage, as well as fill with energy and harmony the owner of such a Gift.
3 700 ₽

Gift certificate "Inspiration of Thailand"

The gift certificate "Inspiration of Thailand" is a gift for those who want to quickly and easily remove the accumulated fatigue of the day, or on the contrary, prepare for the holiday. Any of the proposed gift certificate procedures most effectively affects the biologically active points of the body and allows you to enjoy every minute spent in the salon!
1 400 ₽

Gift Certificate "Eastern Bliss"

A fabulous gift that will help restore vitality, gain lightness and flexibility throughout the body. The certificate includes programs based on traditional Thai massage techniques, as well as relaxation programs for those who prefer softer massage techniques.
4 400 ₽

Gift certificate "Energy of Thailand"

The gift certificate "Energy of Thailand" - will give you the opportunity to choose between a variety of toning programs based on Traditional Thai massage and basic relaxation programs with aromatic oils and body care creams. Give a gift that everyone will like!
5 800 ₽

Gift Certificate "Tales of Thailand"

Gift Certificate "Tales of Thailand" - a gift for those who appreciate the refined comfort of the spa, combined with healing traditional Thai procedures. Each program is not only a complete immersion in the exotic Thai massage, but also an excellent healing or revitalizing body care.
6 850 ₽