A few words about ‘ROYAL THAI’ massage centres

‘ROYAL THAI’ massage centres in Saint-Petersburg are designed for those who travel to the faraway lands of Thailand with the purpose of getting authentic traditional Thai massage. You have recently been to South-East Asia where you were introduced to Thai massage and now you would like to refresh your impressions?

If you are not familiar with Thai massage yet, but you are eager to maintain your fitness and improve your emotional state - you are welcome as well!

We have managed to recreate a piece of Thailand on the Neva banks! The important thing for us was not just to present an ‘Oriental Style’ interior design, but to set up a unique atmosphere: meditative music, soft lighting and flavorous scents - all of that bringing the faraway South-East Asia back to memory.

What is traditional Thai massage?

What associations do we have with the words ‘Thai massage’? Many people think it is a kind of an exquisite erotic pleasure, where the massage is performed by naked young girls of oriental looks, kind of like Thai ‘geisha girls’. Unfortunately, that tends to be the most popular and persistent mistake.

In fact, traditional Thai massage is a whole branch of Eastern medicine, closely bound with Oriental philosophy and lifestyle. Therefore, to become a Thai therapist it is required to complete a 5-7 year course of education in one of the monastery schools - the same way as 2500 years before ago. The main feature of Thai massage is that the pressure is put not on the grounds of muscles, but on the biologically active points. The aim of such stimulation is to improve body activities and to regulate the energy flow. That is why all the treatments are designed not only to make you feel better physically, but also emotionally.

Nowadays people all over the world are talking about ‘a healthy lifestyle’. Some play football, others do fitness. There are also people who prefer yoga or Thai massage as a way of health improvement and keeping mind and body in shape.  During a Thai massage session there is no effort required from your side. You just make yourself comfortable on a mat or a massage couch, while all the work is done by your Thai therapist.

Until recently you had to go to Thailand to get an authentic Thai massage. Now the residents and guests of Saint-Petersburg have the opportunity to experience it without even having to leave town.

We use ‘SleepSystem’ company’s products in our massage centres.

Every month we reward our most loyal customer with a ‘Tempur Comfort’ pillow, designed for perfect sleep and rest.

Welcome to the world of peace and harmony! 

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All addresses

  • NEW Kolomyazhsky Prospect, 17 ("City Mall", 2nd floor)
    phone: +7 (964) 372 60 50
  • Furshtatskaya street, 23
    phone: +7 (911) 131 13 13
  • Komendantsky Ave, 17
    phone: +7 (911) 120-15-15
  • Vyborg highway, 5, building 1
    phone: (812) 386-30-63, (911) 101-13-13
  • Bol'shaya Konyushennaya Street, 1
    phone: +7 (812) 315-54-06, +7 (911) 157-15-15
  • Pesochnaya Embankment, 40
    phone:+7 (812) 497-01-01; +7 (911) 016-13-13
  • Varshavskaya Street, 23, building 3
    phone: +7 (812) 410-22-16; +7 (911) 201-13-13
  • Nevsky Prospect, 114-116, литер А
    phone: +7 (812) 676-51-29, +7 (911) 901-13-13

Joint projects the company ROYAL THAI with the beauty salons

  • ROYAL THAI in Kolpino
    Kolpino, Moscow street, d. 4
    phone: +7 (812) 676-92-29, +7 (981) 776-92-29

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